Is the thought of creating and maintaining a website puzzling?

It doesn't have to be!

I solve website puzzles and design beautiful (& unique) websites tailored to meet the distinctive needs of accountants, boutiques, cafes, clubs, consultants, contractors, crafts enthusiasts, creatives, dental practices, freelancers, grant writers, health professionals/private practice, hobbyists, independent professionals, information & knowledge management professionals, midlife career-changers, new career-seekers, new small businesses, new, up-and-coming organizations, realtors, service members transitioning out of the military into civilian life, small, micro, and cottage businesses, social workers/private practice, writers, and others who need or would like an elegant and easy to maintain web presence that requires minimal to no assistance. 

Are you an independent professional or individual who needs to establish and maintain a professional online presence?  



My 'secret sauce' is Squarespace ... 


Why Do I Need a Website or Portfolio Site?

There are many reasons depending on who you are and what you need to accomplish.

For consultants, small businesses, and organizations (especially new ones), it goes without saying. You need to establish yourself, share great content, sell, attract new business (or new donors), share great content again, and so on.

Realtors and photographers (artists and other creatives) you absolutely need a site where you can display your images or artwork in the most eye-catching manner.

Be sure to view the Squarespace page for information about really impressive templates that will convey your visual message in the most stunning and modern way.



Job-seekers no matter the age, should have a well-designed and professional 'resume' website, one that will be sure to impress any future employer(s).

Cover Pages are perfect for that purpose along with a sharp LinkedIn profile! Increase your chances of being noticed by the talent-seekers who are out there -- looking for you!

Midlife career-changer?

Not only do I offer great service, but you'll also get a free cup of compassion. 

Having a sophisticated web presence (website + social media networking) is basically a given now. No big deal though. I'll work with you without putting you in 'overload'.

I do understand your special circumstances because I've experienced them myself.


Purposeful Design web packages and services have been perfectly crafted to meet specific needs of individuals or independent professionals listed above and on the Welcome page. These offerings are consistently popular because of their combination of 'ingredients' and affordability.

Of course, if none of the packages 'fit', no problem ... we'll put together a customized package just for you! 

Flexible, friendly service.

Full speed ahead! 

Already know where you want to go and what you need?

You're in the right place!

Just select the "Plan Your Project" button you see here and you'll be on your way. 



Is this your website? Don't you think it deserves a make-over? 

Don't forget, your website reflects who you are and what you stand for. 



|    Curious Humans 

We human-beings are a very curious lot (I know I am).

Do you find yourself going online often in search of 'how to's"? Or do you wish you could be more technologically-savvy (or understand what the heck your kids are talking about)? 

I love answering "how to's" ... and I always do my best not only to make learning fun but also useful! Technology should work for you, not the other way around! 

I'm always trying out new processes (ways to do stuff) often combining things together to see how they may work together thus making my life easier. For example, I'm working with different apps to develop a process where I'll be able to eliminate email almost 100% That would be really awesome, wouldn't it?! 

Do you have a specific "how to" you'd like answered? Just ask me!  


Websites - Web Design

Whether you're an adventurer or you just got a new site, isn't it important to learn everything you should know about the care and feeding of your website, blog, or online store?  Of course! 


Apps (Technology Fun!)

Technology stuff isn't as challenging or difficult as you may think it is. I work with people all ages and with all levels of experience (or 'none-existent' experience). Whether you need lots of help or just a little, either way I promise to make it fun and useful.  


Want even more "How to's?

Reserve some quality 'learn-time' here.  Learning new things is fun and there's no time like now.




Periodically I schedule an "open-mic night" only we won't be singing ... instead, I will answer questions you may have about your website, blog, graphics, apps,  ... sometimes I get some really great info or insights from the participants too! I can't guarantee I'll always have the answers but I'll do my best! Who doesn't love open mic night?

Check back here for days/times or better yet,  soon you'll be able to sign-up for the PD Newsletter! Subscribers find out these things first and get access to other cool stuff too.  

**Sign-up and calendar/schedule coming soon!**


And you can too! I'm not a compensated spokesperson for Squarespace but I have been an extremely happy customer for many years!

Did you know you can have a really amazing website starting at just $60.00/yr including a domain name?  Amazing!

Ask me how I can create a beautiful Cover Page, website, or full-featured commerce site that meets your needs and tastes. And (best part), your site is so easy to maintain and care for (and the Squarespace tech people are really amazing too).

Updates? Don't even think about them. Changing content, adding new content, easy. Downtime, rarely. You can have the website you've always dreamed of but never thought you could afford to have. Simply stunning

Squarespace User Guides & Customized Template Work Forms

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Let's work together! 

Make an extraordinary first impression!

I can help you achieve this! 

I would love the opportunity work with you on your next project. It is a good idea to connect with me as soon as you know you're going to need one of my services -- so I can reserve that time for you!

What We Can Achieve Together

If you need -

  • a simple website that is both stunning AND easy to maintain
  • a one-page website
  • your current website updated or redesigned
  • some instruction or guidance
  • help setting up your social media page(s)
  • a really thorough content inventory or audit
  • custom-designed graphic sets

I am exactly the person you need.  (I am very patient and enthusiastic and have been told that I'm really fun to work with!)

Purposeful Design offers services, tools, and support especially tailored to meet the needs of other independent professionals (like myself) as well as for individuals who need to establish and maintain a professional online presence.

I understand small business, solo-businesses, and small organizations, and offer services and solutions that are affordable!

My goal is to provide you with a simple, responsive, professional, and elegant online presence that you will be able to maintain on your own or with only occasional support.

An important part of your success is making sure your online presence is what it needs to be -  professional, polished and representative of your skills and distinctive talents!

My Promise to You

I will always provide you with honest and transparent advice and assessment - even if it means I may not be the right person you need to do the work you need done.

I work with one client at a time so each client gets 100% of my time and attention.

I'm focused and passionate about finding the best solutions for you and will do whatever it takes to make sure your expectations are met and exceeded!

Your satisfaction with the final product and result, my top priority.

Real Results


Don't miss out!

Be sure to get your inquiry in as soon as possible if you know you have a project in mind!  

Project Planner - Inquiry Form

After you have submitted this form, your information will be reviewed. You can expect a response in about 24-48 hrs (M-F).  I will contact you via email so we can schedule a mutually convenient time to discuss your requirements and I can answer any questions you may have.

I am unable to assess the your cost of services until after we have spoken and discussed your exact requirements.   

(*If you have needs outside or beyond the scope of what I do, I will do my best to connect you with the right people.)    


Quick question or comment? Please use the general contact form.

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[4.] Prior to speaking together, I'll pull out the best plans or services I believe will best suit your needs for you to select. 


[7.] We'll sign an agreement that spells out the process and deliverables with complete clarity.


[10.] Design ... 


[2.] I'll receive your form via email.


[5.] We'll have a great convo! 


[8.] You'll pay 50% downpayment when you schedule your project start date. 


[11.] Ta da! Your website or Cover Page! Made exactly as you specified .... (& you LOVE it!)


[3.] I'll look over your form, what you're seeking to have created, your preferences, and we'll arrange a convenient phone time to discuss it all.


[6.] You'll choose what suits you best!


[9.] I'll begin to work my magic! 


[12.] You'll pay the balance due for services. 

CELEBRATE! (But go ahead, disinvite the 'uninvited' guests - unless they're your friends now :-) 

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