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Purposeful Design delivers straightforward sensible packages, services, and support options perfectly constructed to meet the distinctive needs of independent professionals, new start-ups, up and coming organizations, creatives, and individuals.  

Stunning, responsive websites are not just for big businesses, brands, or large organizations with big budgets - but also for you too! 

Purposeful Design combines purposeful website design or redesign with one-on-one personal attention resulting in a beautiful website, Cover Page, or online store that you will be able to manage on your own with little to no assistance.

Learn more about Purposeful Design services and support- I'd love the opportunity to create your absolutely stunning and responsive website, Cover Page, or online store with you!  

"Stunning websites that work simply!"

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Why I was so motivated to establish Purposeful Design

(Everyone deserves a stunningly beautiful website!)


|     Motivation for establishing Purposeful Design.

There is a huge difference between working in a 'regular' workplace where you most likely have 24/7 'tech people' available vs. working independently or in a very small business or organization where you most likely have none. 

When I started my own small business, I knew the importance of having a polished and professional online appearance and presence. But with many years of experience with website and technical portal design, I thought:   

"A website and a couple of social media channels, that will be simple! I've done plenty of websites and I enjoy social media interactions!

But even with my experience (sans "my tech support people") - it wasn't as easy as I thought! 

|     My website checklist.

This was my website design checklist:

  • Select a good webhost, check.
  • Obtain domain name, check
  • Make use of "One-click installs" available for numerous platforms (just needed to select the right one), simple!

Design some graphics, select complementary colors, perfect my site navigation, write and edit my web content ... "good to go!"

I would start out with one platform but then I would either become dissatisfied or bored with it. Some were just too much work on the back-end (administration) or too complicated (Drupal).  I eventually selected WordPress (good choice). 

Along I went, sometimes my coding (errors) would make my website look very strange or would just make my site disappear!

That's true! On two occasions while doing some database file clean-up I deleted the wrong file and 'poof’, my entire website disappeared! Totally gone, completely - no little trashcan to retrieve it from.

When THAT happened, my husband seeing (rather, hearing) my frustration said: "Why don't you just call your tech people??!!"  


It was at that moment that reality really sunk in.

I replied: "What 'tech people'? I have no more 'tech people'!"  

My 'tech people' weren't with me anymore.    

Having 'my tech people' sure would have been great ... but there wasn't a 'tech support people' line in my budget!

Cost wasn't the only consideration, there was also availability. There weren’t many tech/web people who were available to work "on demand" or on short notice, especially on little things here and there, preferring (understandably so) to work on larger or longer term projects.

So, I took a deep breath, purchased a 'premium' files back-up plan (just in case and which thankfully I NEVER had to use), went back to work, designed, and maintained a pretty decent WordPress site. 

Regardless, all of this required regular attention that sometimes consumed more time than I wished it would or had, especially since I was managing all of it completely on my own.  

So, in 2010, I decided to give the Squarespace platform a try.

Squarespace is a hosted system with 24/7 technical support (yes, 'tech people', and really helpful ones too!) and the Squarespace platform offers a great deal of choice and flexibility.


Whether you're an experienced designer or just a 'regular' (less technical) person, Squarespace provides all the necessary tools to create and maintain something simple or much more complex and customized. (I am not a paid/compensated endorser, just a very happy customer!)